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Practice-oriented repair sets in one box

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Repair sets

Perfectly combined

VIEROL's EXPERT KITS+ contain complete repair solutions designed by experts that facilitate part identification and their procurement for workshops, and also help keep stocks at manageable levels. The service-oriented EXPERT KITS+ meet the highest of standards with respect to assembly ease and installation reliability, whilst also saving time and money.

Practice-oriented and adapted to customer needs

Cooperation between our experts from the VIEROL ACADEMY and workshops has lead to a made-to-measure complete solution - our EXPERT KITS+.

What are EXPERT KITS+ ?

Extensive and efficient repair sets

In our EXPERT KITS+ we combine spare parts with additional components, which are necessary for the repair, to practical repair kits. Examples are gear filter kits, timing chain sets, PDC sensors und EGR kits as well as filter and coupling sets. Using EXPERT KITS+ ensures that components are ideally matched to one another and does away with the search for necessary accessory parts for the repair. This simplifies the entire procurement process and significantly reduces the repair time in the workshop.

Example repair set V20-0588

oil drain plug

screws black


screws silver


oil pan

Schrauben silber
Schrauben schwarz


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Your advantages

EXPERT KITS+ simplifies the procurement process and reduces the required storage resources. The necessary parts for a repair or service don't need to be individually identified and procured. That saves time, money and storage place.

  • saves time
  • saves money
  • facilitation of the procurement process
  • faster part identification
  • reduction of required storage resources

Product highlights

Gear filter sets

Our EXPERT KITS+ including high-quality filters, seals, installation materials and gear oils certified by the vehicle manufacturer and "Made in Germany" offer the right solution of gear maintenance for every workshop.

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EGR valve sets

Through continuous product improvements of EGR components, for example the integration of several capicitors for a noise-free signal and stronger welded joints thanks to laser welding processes,the products achieve maximum quality.

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Timing chain sets

In the category EXPERT KITS+ ACKOJA offers high quality timing chain sets. These also include the valve cover gasket, the sealant for the timing cover and the seal ring for the crankshaft. This is the only way to ensure a professional exchange.

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Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities, which is why we only select products made of high-quality materials that are excellently finished and are subject to strict quality inspections.

Benefit from the advantages of our EXPERT KITS+. Further information can be found at and in our catalogue.

Our brand world

The premium brand VEMO is known as a specialist in sensors and exhaust gas recirculation. Our product groups cover sensors, switches, relays, EGR, air suspension and service products, suitable for European vehicles such as VW, AUDI, BMW as well as for those from Asian manufacturers such as TOYOTA and many more


The premium brand VAICO is well known for smart repair solutions for engine and transmission parts on the global independent aftermarket. With over 28,000 high-quality spare parts and 2,700,000 vehicle connections. Our professional vehicle repair range also includes further products from the cooling, steering, brakes, body and filter categories, as well as certified “Made in Germany” fluids.


ACKOJA is a premium brand known for Korean and Japanese automotive parts. ACKOJA’s product categories include engine drive and cooling components, as well as wiper systems. Clutch kits and key components for the engine, such as throttle valves, EGR valves and many more, complete ACKOJA’s product range.


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Take a look at the EXPERT KITS+ Trailer. On the YouTube channels of VEMO and VAICO you will find more exciting videos.

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